Two weeks ago, my team and I carried out an experiment that was part of an initiative organized by ADL: xAPI Design. Our experiment consisted in using Twitter and the xAPI to capture the interactions during an online social learning experience.

In the first round of questions we discussed the following topics:

  • the xAPI definition,
  • useful resources to get started,
  • the xAPI statement properties,
  • how we can use the xAPI to capture real world learning events,
  • what it means to be an xAPI adopter.
Example of xAPI Statement

The varied answers to these questions are absolutely helpful to gain a better understanding about this new learning specification. I highly recommend to read the summary of the Twitter chat here.

The outcomes of the first round of questions have exceeded our expectations and now, we have a huge challenge ahead: analysing the data gathered in order to come up with useful suggestions to create and track similar experiences.

Our Twitter chat in figures
Our Twitter Chat in Figures
section from the dataset
Small section from the dataset
Information captured through xAPI statements
Type of information captured through xAPI statements

Second Round of questions: 

Next Tuesday, October 1st, we will be holding a second discussion and these are some of the topics:

  • types of experiences the xAPI can track,
  • its impact on Training ROI,
  • its role in relation to more comprehensive Training and Learning Architectures,
  • problems that this specification seek to solve,
  • interoperability and privacy issues that might arise and,
  • effective management of data.

Please, join us!

Some considerations for Participants:

  • Register your Twitter id at and please, follow @xApi_JV
  • Our server @xAPI_JV will host this Twitter chat. @xAPI_JV will be posting questions from 12 pm EST to 1 pm. 1 question every 10 minutes!
  • Use #xAPI so our server considers your response as a valid response. Use it when you answer questions or interact with others.
  • We recommend using  to keep up with flow. You can also follow up on Tweetdeck by setting up a search for #xAPI.
  • Share views and resources! RT other’s responses or favorite interesting ones! Our server will give you bonus points for doing that!
  • Remember that you cannot ask direct question to @xAPI_JV. If you have questions on #xAPI, post it to other active participants.
  • You will have 5-7 minutes to answer each question. #xAPI

Recommended Resources and Readings: 

Let´s learn together in the first social learning experience on Twitter that is all about the xAPI!

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