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Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy 

Mobile devices, now prevalent in work and educational environments, have completely changed our interactions with information. They have a greater impact on content consumption and creation, enabling users to search for information, apply new knowledge, and evaluate the consequences of their decisions in real time.
Mobile learning can be a great tool for knowledge-building and can trigger a learning experience on the go and in the moment of need. But to realize the potential of mobile learning in your organization, you need to be strategic. This Infoline will:

  • Outline how to designing a mobile learning strategy for organizations
  • Provide an understanding of mobile learning´s potential
  • Detail the steps involved in design, development, and implementation

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Designing with the User´s Needs in Mind

These days, traditional models in computing and education are challenged by new paradigms, expectations and behaviors that ubiquitous, touch-based technologies create. Mobile opens up a world of possibilities for building richer experiences between the user and the content and between the user and his surroundings.

But, in order to successfully design for mobile, we need to understand its fundamental elements and how they are reshaping most of our daily activities. By observing users’ changing behaviors and perceptions, we can design experiences that can really live up to the users´ expectations and needs. This article describes some important aspects for designing an effective mobile user experience (UX).

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