Presentation design

I created a visually-compelling and well-organized presentation of the business.


I focused on the entrepreneurs' stories and the motivation behind this dream.

Mayra worked with us to create an Investor Book. This book was distributed to potential investors as the main marketing and sales medium. Mayra’s role was diverse: edit, review, and correct content provided to her; utilize the existing branding from pictures and website to entirely create the “look and feel” of the book; and, organize the entire book based on content. This process resulted in a very high quality book that encompassed everything we wanted and looked amazing.

What stood out the most for us was Mayra’s ability to internalize the brand and create a look and feel with very little direction from us. Additionally, we were very happy to see that Mayra has strong idea generation, for example on various occasions she suggested many aspects of the content that should be highlighted and/or moved around. The Book quality was excellent and this resulted in a very successful funding round.

Martin Moline. Restaurant Entrepreneurs. (USA)

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