My designs

elearning Projects


  • Series of eLearning courses for a company in the health sector. These modules created with Articulate´s Storyline included scenario-based activities to stimulate the type of thinking and behaviors the target audience is expected to display in everyday tasks. Also quizzes were used to achieve different objectives throughout the course, from previous knowledge activation to concept reinforcement. You can find a preview of this project here.


  • In my role as an independent researcher at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina), I am developing a grammar writing application to assist university students and researchers in the field of Computational Linguistics. This application created with Articulate´s Storyline includes detailed software simulations, a customized glossary and thorough but engaging explanations of Linguistic theories and terminology. You can find a preview of this project here


  • This project was created as part of my thesis to get an M.A. in Applied Linguistics. My dissertation was entitled “Linguistic Modeling of Online Tourist Guides and Computer-based applications.” My goal was to identify the general organization of this genre in order to design varied activities that could help ESL (English as a Second Language) students write effective tourist guides. The Board of Examiners considered this work to be an Outstanding Master’s Thesis and I was awarded an Honorable Mention. In addition, I got the most encouraging feedback from Articulate´s community.

mLearning Projects


  • I designed and developed this mobile learning solution for a health care center in Australia. I used Articulate´s Storyline and applied best practices to enhance the mobile UX. The final application relied heavily on minimalist design principles and focused on a primary task: to allow end users to complete a checklist and gather the answers to provide relevant feedback. Test this project on your iPad and learn more about it here.


  • This mobile learning template was created in response to a common questions among eLearning designers: How should we approach mLearning design? I used Articulate´s Storyline and resources shared by its community to come up with a suitable template for performance support applications. Through a technique called progressive disclosure, this application can help learners quickly learn and/or review specific procedures. Test this project on your iPad and learn more about it here. You can download this iPad-ready template here.


  • I love experimenting with new approaches when designing learning experiences. Some time ago, I came up with this idea to show how a software simulation could be displayed on an iPad. I took into account mobile learner´s characteristics such as multi-tasking behavior, clumsy fingers, and his expectations for quick interactions and I leveraged Articulate´s Storyline functionalities to create this demo. Test it on your iPad.

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