WOW! I am still wondering if last week was real or just a dream… because I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have visited many places and lived wonderful moments in each of them but mLearnCon 2014 was really special for me! This was a challenge and a goal that I have set for this year and I knew that it would be exciting but it largely exceeded my expectations!

The Warmest Welcome
The first people I met in San Diego were Bill Brandon, David Kelly, and David Holcombe from the eLearning Guild. They made me feel immediately at home and during my three -day stay they were the most attentive hosts, always willing to help me.

My Mobile Learning Heroes
At the Expo, my first stop was of course at my mobile learning heroes’ booth: Float Mobile Learning! I have always admired their work so it was really nice to finally meet Gary Woodill, Scott McCormick and Adam Bockler.

My eLearning Heroes
My next stop was at Articulate´s booth where I met my virtual friends Mike Enders and Nicole Legault. Hugs, smiles, and once more that amazing feeling you get when you can interact with friends face to face…I really treasured that moment!

The Kindest Gentlemen ever
After that, I introduced myself to Mr. Clark Quinn and I was delightfully surprised by his immense kindness. We had lunch together and shared some perspectives and thoughts on mobile learning. And  then…Jason Haag joined us! I have been longing for meeting Jason for a long time and that day, I finally met this gentle and smart man.

Robert Gadd, the Guild Master 2014
On Tuesday afternoon, I attended a featured session by Robert Gadd and Sarah Gilbert, which was a great overview of mLearning with very useful examples and tips. And, I was thrilled to meet Robert! He has supported my work even from my early attempts in mobile learning. And when he was awarded the Guild Master 2014, I simply felt so really happy for him!

An Inspiring and Thought-provoking Keynote
Karen McGrane is absolutely awesome. What a great speaker! Her presentation was just brilliant. I am a huge fan of her unique perspective on content strategy and my presentation for ADL Webinar Series is a proof of that. My key takeaway: “TRUE separation of content from form”. In other words, to get our content on different platforms, even platforms that do not exist already, we need to separate meaning from visual style, that is the only way our content is going to survive.

Creativity at its best!
I have always looked up to Qualcomm´s team because they approach training and mobile design with a praiseworthy mindset. And, when I met Geoff Stead and Videhi Bhamidi last week, I was hugely impressed by their work and ideas. I truly admire creative people and Qualcomm´s team is all about that! They look for answers and solutions and if they don´t find them, they create them from scratch. They love experimenting, exploring, and researching!

Good vibes on the air!
In the hallways, I met these two amazing guys who were full of vibrant energy. The eLearning brothers definitely filled the conference atmosphere with good vibes!


Is this for real?
So, there I was at my first eLearning Guild event and there were so many things going on and all of the sudden, I looked around and I saw Joe Ganci! And Nancy Reyes! And Justin Brusino! And they not only said “Hi!” in the most polite way but they also recognized my name! …Someone, please pinch me! It was soooo nice to meet them all!

Anita, you are the best!
There´s a person who deserves a really special spot in this post: Anita Horsley. I don´t have enough words to thank her for her friendliness when we first met and for her support during my session. I feel blessed and grateful when I meet angels on my way, Anita!

My presentation: “The Unique Multi-device Thinking Behind Adobe Edge Animate”
I can´t share my presentation as a slideshow because that would defeat the real purpose of it and the real version too. I created a tablet-optimized website with Dreamweaver and Edge Animate.

I really want to thank all attendees (Bill, Jason, Marcus, Anita, Videhi, Vico, Jami, Juan, Jayant…) for their positive feedback after my session! Your support and kind words have motivated to turn this presentation into a longer workshop now. Here´s a sneak peek:

[vimeo w=900&h=581]

Also, I wrote an article about Adobe Edge Animate for Learning Solutions Magazine and you can download the session handout here.

Highlights of the conference

I attended sessions by Chad Udell, Nick Floro, Joe Ganci, Christopher Allen, Jason Haag and Tyde Richards, and Jeff Batt. The first three sessions helped me enhance my designer´s kit with useful resources and new tools. During Christopher´s session, we were asked to reimagine an eLearning course as a mobile experience. I really enjoyed that activity! Jason and Tyde offered great examples of what types of experiences we can create when integrating ePub3 and xAPI . Finally, Jeff´s sessions were really helpful for me as I am making my transition from designer to developer. I highly recommend that you visit ADL´s website and Jeff´s new initiative.

New Paths of Exploration 
The DemoFest enlightened me about the use of the latest technologies and triggered new ideas and paths of exploration. Two projecs were outstanding: Videhi Bhamidi (Qualcomm)´s project and Marcus Birtwhistle (ADL)´s project. Videhi and Jon Brasted have developed a mobile web application for video-based compliance training. They have been also able to integrate the xAPI for tracking learners´performance. Marcus presented a prototype of a native application, which is a practical implementation of the xAPI too. But, what is really meritorious about this project is its purpose: “support veterans through their transition as they move back into civilian life.” It shows how mobile technologies can really assist people and enable possibilities for minorities.

The cherry on the cake!
The finishing touch to this spectacular trip was a visit to a super interesting site: the Qualcomm Museum! I took a tour with Brian Dusablon, Jason Haag and Tyde Richards and everything there was absolutely impressive!

mLearnCon 2014 was a great opportunity to meet my colleagues and tweeps and to share my ideas and thoughts LIVE now! 😉
And, even though it took me more than 30 hours to travel to San Diego and three days to come back home, it was a worthwhile trip! And I would do it again! In fact, I am gonna do it again next year! See you in Austin, TX! 🙂

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