The first time I came across GoVenture´s mobile app I was doing some research for xAPI Design Program organized by ADL (I will write more about this in the upcoming weeks). I was looking for some ways to integrate gamification with existing learning solutions in order to make them more effective and engaging.
Let´s imagine the following scenario:

Your company will be launching a new product in two weeks´ time and every sales representative needs to know about its features/specifications. Do you need an eLearning course? A 5-hour workshop? Or, will you be distributing a 120-page manual? Let´s try something different: every day during the next ten days, employees will receive a short video or feature description via email/text message. Then, they will self-monitor their own progress and success.

This annotated video shows how learners could use an app like Gamifyme to accomplish the self-monitoring task.
Motivation, call to action, real achievements, just-in-time and just-for-me content…Maybe, we need a little bit more of those in our current training initiatives.

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