Conversations on #mLearning: Presentation and Infoline Excerpt

The Unique Multi-Device Thinking Behind Adobe Edge Animate [Presentation]

Last Thursday evening, I delivered a presentation to the Adobe eLearning User Group – Carolinas. I was invited by Anita Horsley, who is a very special friend of mine. I really want to thank her, Josh Cavalier, Karen Badles and all the attendees because I had an amazing time!

This is the session description:

For many years, we have been using the same tools and technologies to create eLearning content. However, these tools and technologies often trap us in PC-based paradigms that support the design of static content and now, fall short of designing more flexible content that can better respond to the learners’ needs on and beyond the desktop.

In this presentation, you will learn how Adobe Edge Animate can better support multi-device development by supporting some key mobile learning design principles. I will show you how some functionalities and features of Edge Animate rely on a unique multi-device thinking and how they can help you create more effective mobile learning experiences.

And here´s the recording of the presentation, including a Q&A session at the end.

Key Questions to Design and Implement a Mobile Learning Strategy [Infoline Excerpt]

Also, ATD republished an excerpt from “Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy“. This is a checklist that covers the main aspects you need to consider when designing mobile learning experiences.

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