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Working with Mayra has been a pleasure.  Mayra’s knowledge of design and theory, combined with her easy personality style, allows for us to improve our courses in real time.  If a change is needed Mayra is right there to provide guidance and implement the revisions with a short turn-around.  Collaboration with Mayra always feels comfortable and supported without restriction.  Our CEO commented that he has “been to many ‘presentations’ and has never seen one as interactive and engaging” as the one that Mayra put together for us.  We are truly happy to have found her and look forward to many more learning ventures together. Kristy W. – Cronos CCS (U.S.)

I highly recommend Mayra for analysis and design of user interfaces for eLearning or instructional purposes. She asks well-thought out questions about the users, does a thorough job testing all the functionality and analyzing its placement, logic, etc, and offers clear, useful recommendations. I would definitely work with Mayra again. Sharon Boller – Bottom-Line Performance (U.S.)

If you’re looking for creative talent for eLearning design and production, you owe it to yourself to talk to Mayra. She’s written for us. She’s great! Bill Brandon, Editor, Learning Solutions Magazine -eLearning Guild-

I met Mayra some years ago when she was pursuing a Master´s Degree in Applied Linguistics. I was lucky to guide her throughout her thesis writing process because this gave us the opportunity to explore the complex intersection of natural language modeling and information technologies in the solution of communication and documentation problems. This solid scientific foundation was just a starting point for Mayra´s professional development since she has an extraordinary potential as a researcher. At present, I can get first-hand appreciation of Mayra´s significant contributions in the eLearning field for she is developing a grammar writing application for us.Víctor Castel, Researcher, National Council of Scientific and Technical Research.  Professor, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina) 

I’ve known Mayra for a few years now and she’s one of the first people we look to for mobile learning help and resources. David Anderson, Community Manager, Articulate -Leading eLearning Software Company- 

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