I increased the production of training content for a pharma company substantially. I also created the company’s brand manual and numerous branded templates and documents and, I actively participated in the design of the company’s new website.

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Learn how a consistent look and feel in communication and training materials helped a company boost their brand identity

The context

A growing company in the pharmaceutical sector wanted to expand and improve their training material. When they first contacted me, they provided training mainly through PowerPoint presentations. Their goal was to turn these presentations into more engaging learning experiences.

My role

eLearning design and developmentinstructional designexplainer videossoftware simulationsvisual / web designproduct prototypesbrand identity and marketing collateral

Important note: To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information and recreated all the images associated with deliverables in this case study. For further information, you can read Testimonials.

The Challenges

Enhanced Training Material

At the beginning, the challenge was to transform standard PowerPoint presentations into highly engaging and interactive learning experiences.

After a thorough needs analysis and discussions with the subject matter expert, I selected and organized the content in such a way that learners could interact with it through engaging activities. The activities allowed for meaningful practice with real-life scenarios and also, reinforcement of key concepts before arriving at a conclusion. I also wanted to incorporate elements of the company’s logo into the overall design so learners could take the course and could make a strong visual connection with the company.


I always start my creation process with initial sketching and exploration on paper to envision the learning solution. Once I have a clear idea of what the best solution is, I decide on the tools and technologies to accomplish the goal of the project.

For this client, I developed all the courses with Adobe Captivate since the power of advanced actions allowed me to create any type of interaction I could think of. Also, the high-quality and the flawless performance of the output in major browsers were relevant factors for my decision. For a more detailed description of my eLearning design and development process, please review Empower your audience success story.

Towards a stronger brand identity

After designing a few e-learning courses with a consistent theme, I started to include the same brand identity traits in different documents for external communications and marketing purposes.

And this is how the company’s brand manual came into life. The brand manual is a guide that specifies the core message of the company and how the brand distinctive elements like the logo, the colors, imagery and typography should be used in order to support that message.

The brand manual helped to achieve consistency and to make the brand identity stronger in every communication. And this accomplishment led to a greater challenge: to update the company’s website.

Project1_branded templates

An up-to-date website

Back in 2014, I realized that the company’s website was outdated. I started a content inventory to identify areas for improvement such as the overall message and structure. I defined which content could be kept, which content was no longer relevant and which content should be added.

By having a clearer idea of the new information, I started to think about how this should be organized, accessed and presented. I created the first drafts to define the visual design.

I developed the first functional prototype of the website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and I created mockups to provide guidance for visual design and content organization. A very skillful web developer, Kenny Inthirath, used this guidance and took the visual design to the next level. Kenny created the final version of the website. Finally, a thorough test was conducted.

The website now clearly shows the company’s forward thinking, it presents information in a more concise, clear way and most importantly, it aligns with the rest of the products reinforcing the brand identity.

The Results

After four years, as a one-person team, I increased the production of training content substantially, helping the company build a library consisting of 31 explainer videos, 16 e-Learning courses and 21 software simulations. The videos and the software simulations were translated into +10 different languages.

I also created the company’s brand manual and numerous branded templates and documents. And, I actively participated in the design of the company’s new website that directly resulted in increased client engagement and recognition within the industry.

And, the director of Clinical Operations and project manager for content creation coined the expression Mayra it up! to refer to my ability of transforming dull, boring documents into visually-appealing deliverables.

Key Takeaway

Create a visual identity for your brand and use it consistently across communications and products influences the way customers, prospects and competitors perceive your brand.

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