I designed a high-quality book to help a group of passionate restaurant entrepreneurs get the financial support they needed.

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Learn how storytelling through visuals helped a group of entrepreneurs strengthen their message and get investors’ support 

The context

A group of passionate restaurant entrepreneurs wanted to gather financial resources to step into their next big dream: own a restaurant in a top-notch shopping mall.

My role

brand identity and core messagegraphic/presentation designvisual identity design

Important note: I always design my mockups and prototypes with real content. However, for the examples displayed here, I have used text place holders so as not reveal the real content provided by clients. For further information, you can read Testimonials.

The Challenge

A document that could tell the story of the doers in a visually-compelling and well-organized way and that could show the motivation behind the dream was the ultimate goal of the project. I wanted to create an engaging book with key information that could persuade investors and help these entrepreneurs get financial support.

The main challenge was to internalize the brand in a relative short time to communicate the message in a way that could resonate with the readers. To bring the voice of the brand into the writing and the visual design, I started reviewing various folders from Dropbox. I had to make sense of all the information, but most importantly, I needed to become very close to the brand.

I also had conversations with the entrepreneurs to deepen my understanding of their motivations. Through videos, images and bios, I got to know their stories too.

My review of the Dropbox folders also helped me identify the brand identity elements and that led me to the next step in my creation process. Finding inspiration for layouts in one of my favorite apps: Pinterest. I completed my research and I created a mood board with the themes I liked the most.

Finally, I created layouts of each page and I used the brand elements to strengthen the message throughout the book.

The Result

A high-quality book that encompassed everything that the entrepreneurs were looking for and helped them get the financial support they needed was the outcome of this project.

Key Takeaway

Visual design to support a core message can create emotional connections with your audience and can help you achieve your communication purpose.

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