Every day, people struggle to communicate ideas in an organized, consistent and effective way. And even when they manage to timidly create some content, this may get lost among tons and tons of information out there. So, they end up wasting time and money without achieving a goal, without creating any impact.

But what if I tell you that you can:

Communicate your ideas in a unique, memorable and engaging way;
Achieve a measurable goal;
Enhance your brand identity; and,
Feel proud of your content (it shouldn’t look boring or text-heavy or lifeless!)

So, you have a great idea and you want to bring it into life.  Let’s do it!

Step 1: Getting to know you. I will get to know you, your purpose and your message and I will thoroughly review all your content.

Step 2: My proposal. You will receive a detailed proposal from me. In this proposal, I describe the visual concept and my plan to achieve the purpose of the project.

Step 3: Approval. We will meet to review the proposal together, and agree on the next steps.

Step 4: The creation process starts. Time to get your content done! Are you excited yet?

Step 5: Feedback. I will listen to your comments and answer any question you may have during the project.

Step 6: Revisions. Depending on the characteristics of each project, we may need different cycles and tests to review your product. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

Step 7: Your new, amazing content is ready! Congratulations! We Mayrad it up! 🙂

Ready to start?

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