I don´t need to read any stats to be aware of the massive adoption of mobile devices in recent years.  All I need to do is to stop for a second and see how mobile devices have almost instinctively become part of my daily routine and performance environments. Neither do I need any stats to realize about the potential of mobile devices for educational purposes, I just need to observe how my family, my colleagues, people in the street trust these devices to constantly consume and create content.  I do believe that mobile can be a limitless knowledge-building enabler and a really powerful communication-collaboration channel.

But , what is holding us back then? – I wonder. Why isn´t mobile learning a crucial part of a comprehensive training strategies yet? Why do many efforts on this field still look as compact versions of eLearning courses?  I think that old technologies and educational practices definitely impact the way we understand and design mobile learning solutions. I cannot suggest a definite path to design effective mLearning since every project is unique and there are many factors that will influence your decisions until you can come up with the ultimate mobile learning experience. It is not my intention to impose any methods or perspectives. Today,  I just want to share with you the set of questions that I use as a reference every time I start a mobile learning project, just in case you may find them useful. These questions were included as a job aid for an Infoline I wrote for ATD last year and they address the following topics:

  • Understanding the mobile learner
  • Understanding the needs
  • Understanding the context
  • Technical issues
  • Documentation issues
  • Design issues
  • Content authoring
  • Delivery methods
  • Security, updating and tracking issues
  • Scope and objective of the project
  • Your first prototype
  • Prototype evaluation

Below you can also find a list of supporting articles. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you need further advice on how to successfully implement a mobile learning strategy in your organization.

50 questions to start your mobile learning strategy [Click here to download]

Excerpt from Villar, Mayra Aixa (2013) Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy. USA: ATD ISBN-10: 1562868810 ISBN-13: 978-1562868819. Available at: http://www.amazon.com/Developing-Mobile-Learning-Strategy-Infoline/dp/1562868810/

Supporting articles

General Overview

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Design Considerations

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Useful tools

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